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Robosexual Tendencies


If you’re like me (and if you are, what is there to save you?), you spent much of Terminator Salvation devising various schemes to lure Sam Worthington to your bedroom. Luckily, Sideshow Collectibles has a 12” piece of plastic to satisfy your love/lust for dreamy, but conflicted Marcus Wright. The latest in their 1:6 line of highly-detailed action figures, Marcus comes with 36 points of articulation and enough fashion accessories to make Barbie blush:

• Trench coat
• Pants
• T-shirt
• Faux-leather leggings
• Boots
• Interchangeable faux-leather jacket
• Harness
• Knife
• Shotgun
• 3 sets of interchangeable hands
• Interchangeable portrait with skeletal face
• Articulated and battle damaged left arm
• Tactical gloves
• Figure stand with Terminator Salvation logo and Marcus Wright nameplate

For only $150, 12” Marcus can be yours to dress, undress and play with as you please. Add Christian Bale to the mix, and you’ve got a party!

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