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A Ghost with the Most


In my quest to complete Giganta for my Legion of Doom DCUC display, I found quite the gem of the line. Obscure to be certain, but this line of toys gives you one of its finest with Gentleman Ghost. Your casual DC fan probably doesn’t know much about him, and to be honest, I only remember him from one episode of the Superfriends, but was super thrilled to see him on the peg! So for a little history, here we go, directly from the package: “After being hanged for his crimes, 19th century highwayman ‘Gentleman Jim’ Craddock’s spirit rose again—as the Gentleman Ghost. Returning to his former life of crime, the Gentleman Ghost soon crossed paths with the Justice Society of America. His powers and phantom nature make him nearly impossible to apprehend. But the heroes of the 21st century have always managed to defeat this dapper, spectral villain.” The bio goes on the tell he first appeared in issue #88 of The Flash back in 1947.



Now for his toy! Gentleman Ghost is well-articulated and does not possess the same stock body you find with most DCUC figures. He’s a headless apparition dressed to the nines in Victorian finery and comes complete with walking cane and flintlock pistol. The unique sculpt really makes him stand out among the rest of the guys in the line. I can see him being the model for a future Joker or Question figure. The part I find most awesome about him is the paint job/fade job. He is painted ghostly white, but around his lower legs and feet and certain portions of his cloak, he is molded in clear plastic. I think he’s the first figure since The Fantastic Four’s phasing Jessica Alba to incorporate that kind of special effect. Only in Gentleman Ghost’s case, he pulls it off extremely well, while Alba’s figure got lost in the joints being too visible. The Gentleman Ghost figure is an amazing work of art. To boot, you get Giganta’s head for the collect-and-connect figure, as well as a tiny version of Ray Palmer as the Atom. I can’t recommend this figure enough! Even if you have no interest in building Giganta, you’ve got to get this guy if you’re a DC fan! Well done, Mattel!

(Gentleman Ghost is available at Entertainment Earth!)