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Transform Your Pad Shatner Style


If you’re tired of being an ordinary, everyday sort of geek, and you’re ready for super geekdom on a galactic level, I’ve got three words for you: Star Trek wallpaper. Admit it. You just got a little chill, didn’t you? RoomMates XL Murals wants to help you transform your boring bachelor pad into the bridge of the f**king USS Enterprise! Measuring 9 feet high by 15 feet wide, this enormous mural will set you back $250. But it’s a small price to pay to bid farewell to your drab ecru-white walls and say hello to the future, baby! The mural goes up like regular old wallpaper, activated by water and affixed to the wall with a brush. But unlike other wallpaper, this stuff peels right off when your five-year mission is complete. But once you go Spock, how could you possibly go back? Just put the mural up, turn on the mood lighting and invite a cute ensign over to take a ride in your captain’s chair. (Available at Entertainment Earth.)