FBOTU’s Weekly Comics Load

Here’s a new Comics Load, back on schedule! I do love my comic book Wednesdays, and not just because I get to harass my Sexy Comics Monger. Like I mentioned yesterday, I’m finding comics to be a great (and cheap) form of escape in these troubling times. For $2.99 a pop, I get to not read the news or think about the horror…the horror…for a few minutes at a time. So, here are my thoughts on a few of the titles I read this week. Feel free to share your own thoughts and reviews in the Comics Forum. Now, on with the Load!

FBOTU Comic of the Week

Batman and Robin #1: And away we go! It’s Dick’s first week as Batman and he’s doing a very sexy job. The only problem is that Damian is a little bitch. Dick and Tim adore each other, so where the heck is Tim and why are we being subjected to Damian? Is Tim going to be Nightwing now? Anyway, Batman and Robin are on the job again, and even Commissioner Gordon is smiling. I guess Gotham is heading for a bright and happy future. What’s that, you say? There’s a new psycho in town named Pyg and he’s gluing freaky doll faces onto an army of minions? Oh. Well, crap.

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