Summer Just Got Hotter!


In my never-ending pursuit of a Fanboy of the Month for the site, I often rely on referrals and friend-of-a-friend serendipity. June FBOTM Kentre was recommended by a friend of mine, who said, “I found a guy for your fanboy thing. He’s gorgeous, and he’s modeled before.” “That’s nice,” I said. “But is he a fanboy?” She said, “When you see him, you won’t care.” But, of course, I do care. I always care. No matter how hot or sweet or willing the guy is, if he’s not a fanboy of some kind, then it just doesn’t feel genuine. Those are my lofty goals for the FBOTM feature. But when I finally got to meet Kentre…the only thing going through my mind was, “If he’s ever even heard of Star Wars, he’s in.” Lucky for me (and all of you), Kentre is indeed a fanboy. A real-live Batman-loving, Halo-playing, statue-collecting fanboy. And the dimples. Did I mention the dimples? Rejoice, my friends! We have all month to enjoy them. Now, the good stuff:

• Get your desktop calendar, featuring June FBOTM Kentre, on the Downloads page.
• Check out the first shots from Kentre’s photo shoot in the Gallery.
• Read more about Kentre in his bio in the FBOTM Lounge.

Finally, here’s a quick video of Kentre in action! Check out his mad lightsaber skills! Have a great weekend!


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