FBOTU’s Weekly Comics Load: All Batman All the Time

I find myself talking about Batman a lot lately. Well, more like raving. I was at a party last weekend and trapped some cute guy into a discussion about Battle for the Cowl for, like, an hour. I don’t know what’s driven me so batty lately. I think it’s the emotional weight of the story right now. Or maybe it’s the realization that no matter what Bruce Wayne‘s intentions were, Dick, Tim and even Damien are really f**ked up. I read three Batman-related titles this week, and it really came down to Batman #687 versus Red Robin #1 for the FBOTU Comic of the Week title. Red Robin is certainly a great read, gut-wrenching in its portrayal of Tim Drake’s mental decline. However, Batman #687 has some really hot art of Dick Grayson and Nightwing, so…

FBOTU Comic of the Week



Batman #687: This issue fits nicely between Battle for the Cowl #3 and Batman and Robin #1. It fills in more of the emotional process for Dick and how he came to his decision to be Batman. The issue starts with a flashback to happier (well, earlier) times, when Bruce was Bats and Dick was Robin, and all was right with the world. It’s a great set-up, showing Dick’s youth and enthusiasm and eagerness to please Bruce and even take on the Batman role someday. It’s a sharp contrast to the brooding, tortured Dick we see now, who suddenly faces the enormity of replacing his mentor/lover on the streets of Gotham. Well, Dick finally breaks down and admits what we’ve known all along. He loved Bruce and “just wasn’t ready to lose him.”…excuse me, I think I have something in my eye. Great book, powerful stuff.

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