Dreamy, Thy Name is Kentre


“Do geeky guys really want to ogle other geeky guys?” June Fanboy of the Month Kentre asked during his preliminary interview. “Well, I don’t know if ‘ogle’ is the right word, but we want to put a face on gay fanboys and show the world how hot we are.” Kentre raised an eyebrow and smiled, showing off those dimples and sparkling eyes, and then I forgot all the rest of my spiel about the FBOTM feature. Then I probably tripped over something or broke my ankle, because that’s what I do around cute guys. When I recovered, we chatted about lightsabers, Batman, Lynda Carter and World of Warcraft, all favorite subjects of mine (and, I hope, yours). So, my thanks to Kentre, for not being scared away by our initial meeting. I’m glad you went through with it! Now, the good stuff:

• Check out the latest shots from Kentre’s photo shoot in the Gallery.
• Read more about Kentre and watch his Intro Video in the FBOTM Lounge.
• Get your desktop calendar, featuring June FBOTM Kentre, on the Downloads page.

Finally, I’ve got some good news. In addition to the San Diego FBOTM shoot scheduled during Comic-Con this year, we’ll be conducting a few additional shoots in Los Angeles in July and August. So, if you’re in the SoCal area, and you’re ready to be a Fanboy of the Month, e-mail or PM me! We’ll have you in your underpants in no time!

Have a great weekend!


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