Add “Comic Book Creator” to Reichen’s Resume


If you’ve been wondering what Reichen Lehmkuhl does when he’s not busy being hot and sexy, wonder no more. Reichen is making the jump into comics! With that body, you’d think he’d be a natural as a superhero, but he and Bluewater Productions have something else in mind. At the height of World War II, a select group of women blazed the trail as Air Force aviators known as WASPs (Women Airforce Service Pilots). It just so happens that Reichen’s grandmother was a WASP pilot and an inspiration for him joining the Air Force. The comic book series The Wasps is a time travel story that follows the adventures of a modern day Air Force pilot trapped in 1942. Along with fighting Nazis and racing against time to find a mysterious artifact, the hero gets the opportunity to fly and fight alongside his grandmother, a decorated female pilot.

“What attracted me to this story is the dynamic between grandson and grandmother,” said Bluewater president Darren G. Davis. “He knows who she is, but can’t tell her. There’s that thin line between completing the mission and changing history. But most important, it’s a love letter to family pride and the bonds of friendship that forge between people in times of danger and adversity.” Reichen, best known for his winning stint on CBS’ The Amazing Race, as well as being a gay advocate, said, “I never thought I would have the opportunity to help write, design and publish a comic book series! When Darren approached us about the project, I knew making my story into a comic book would not only help to make an important point in another effective way and would be a great deal of work, but that this project was going to be fun. I’ve learned so much about this side of the publishing industry and have a new-found respect for those who make it happen.”

The book, co-written by Reichenl, Darren G. Davis and Adam Gragg, is being penciled by Jacob Bear. The book, which is also being developed as a feature film, is scheduled to hit the stands in 2010.

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