FBOTU Welcomes “Reignbow and Dee-Va”


As part of our new Comics of the Universe feature, I’m pleased to announce we’ll be publishing pages of Brian Andersen and Celina Hernandez’s Reignbow and Dee-Va! New pages will be posted every week for the next month or so, all completely free! Reignbow and Dee-Va chronicles the adventures of two fabulous new superheroes as they battle the forces of evil and still manage to look gorgeous doing it! Brian Andersen is the author of So Super Duper and Unabashedly Billie and is a good friend of the site. You can learn more about Brian, Celina Hernandez and CBG Comics at! And jump right into the first installment of the story on the Comics of the Universe page. Be sure to tune in every Wednesday for the further technicolor adventures of Reignbow and Dee-Va!

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