Lookee! It’s Loki!


The cast of Marvel‘s upcoming Thor epic is coming together. Australian hottie Chris Hemsworth recently won the title role as our beloved blonde thunder god. Now Marvel has announced that British actor Tom Hiddleston (Suburban Shootout, The Gathering Storm) will play Thor’s trouble-making adopted brother Loki. Given that Mr. Hiddleston is male, we have to assume that director Kenneth Branagh is going for the pre-Straczynski traditional Loki gender, instead of the new, super fabulous female Loki. Which makes sense, I guess, since the film will probably be an origin story. Still, I can’t help holding out hope that Mr. Hiddleston will be playing the role in total glam drag.



Of course that would mean depriving a real female of playing the role. So I’d be equally as happy seeing femme fatale Loki played by Lucy Lawless, Parker Posey or maybe Amy Sedaris.

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