FBOTU’s Weekly Comics Load: So Very Weird

It was a tough week in comics. Not because of the books themselves, but because this was my first week away from my Sexy Comics Monger and his fabulous store. Starting all over with a new store and a new comics monger is tough. I didn’t realize how spoiled I had become, waltzing in, my comics waiting on the counter, a friendly snarl from SCM. Until I return, I’ll have to make the best of it with the new place. So maybe I was feeling melancholy, or maybe I was overcompensating, but I bought $60 worth of bloody, buggery comics this week and was determined to read them all. I got through all but a couple, so here’s a brief rundown of what I’ve been reading. Feel free to share your own thoughts and reading lists in the Comics Forum!

FBOTU Comic of the Week



The Outsiders #19: I know, you were expecting Captain America maybe? Well, we’ll get to Cap. This week’s featured comic is just too freaky and over-the-top to ignore. Crazy villains, horrific violence and the wackiest onomatopoeia I’ve seen in a while. We’re talking “whakoom,” “sklang” and “skrakk,” you know, with two k’s. This issue is dripping with blood, severed torsos and explosions, as the Outsiders take on Deathstroke in a bid to recover another piece of the magic, life-sustaining meteorite. But for some reason, the naked cabal who have been after the pieces for the past five issues suddenly decided to wear gray bodysuits for a trip to the office. Why? I have no idea! Everything about this title is weird and gritty and more than slightly disturbing. The only thing that could make this title weirder would be if Ra’s Al Ghul showed up on the last page wearing a polar bear skin. And…there he is.

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