FBOTU’s Weekly Comics Load: Bats, Babes and Buffy

It’s a less than impressive Load this week in terms of quantity (not quality). I still have five or six more titles to read, which I’m saving for the holiday weekend. I’ll chat those up over in the Comics Forum, as I get to them. In the meantime, here’s what I’ve been reading as of press time. But this is just my list; feel free to share your own thoughts and your own Load! Let us know what’s rocking your comics world this week! 

FBOTU Comic of the Week



Batman and Robin #2: Damien is 10. What?! I thought he was 13 or 14. Ten is entirely too young to be Robin. I realize that he’s a wild child and that through Dick’s patience and Alfred’s stoicism, they’ll teach the little monster to be human. It’s just that I’d like all that to happen in the next issue, so we can get on with it, and Damien can stop being such a nuisance. Damien doesn’t want to play by the rules. Damien runs off on his own. Damien gets kidnapped. He’s like part Dawn Summers and part Scrappy Doo. The highlight of this issue, though, is when Alfred gives Dick the classic drag queen pep talk. When things get tough, just put a little more mascara on. It does the trick, ‘cause Dick straps his bat heels back on and goes out into the night, ready to take on the world and save that horrible little brat. Damien’s in trouble? Must be Wednesday.

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