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SDCC 2009: Preview Night in Hell

It was hot. It was crowded. I missed out on the Wonder Twins and Green Lantern. But I can’t complain too much, because I got He-Ro and The Art of Masters of the Universe book.


I have, of course, paged through the book, but I haven’t read it cover to cover yet. I’m anxious to read the production notes on the development of the toy line, study the concept art and reminisce about the images that graced the cardbacks. Is it worth $50? I’m not sure yet. A $50 book would have more than a paragraph of text scattered throughout. And a lot more art. There’s a whole section devoted to photos of the new Classics line, but no art. This book represents just a taste of what could have been. A definitive collection of all the MOTU art from its many incarnations is yet to be written. But I’m glad I have this brief collection. It’s a good start.

As for He-Ro, he is a musclebound vision in gold. In fact, with his floppy hair, chestnut highlights and glitter ‘n gold muscle shirt, he looks like he just stepped out of 1977 bodybuilding movie Pumping Iron (or maybe Can’t Stop the Music). The Comic-Con logo on his chest is completely ridiculous, but it somehow works with his overall campy look, that’s part C-3PO and part Colt model. Upon opening and releasing him from his card, site member Allen and I said the same thing, at the same time: “He-Man finally has a boyfriend!”



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