SDCC: Last Dance, Last Chance

Greetings from Day Four of San Diego Comic-Con! It’s been a long, eventful experience, and I feel a little bit like Teela here:


I will post an official recap and final thoughts tomorrow. For now, here are a few highlights from Saturday:

• Saw the pilot episode of the “reimagining” of V. This time around, V dares to ask the question, “How will a bunch of straight people deal with a possibly menacing alien race?” I know I’ve been wondering that for a long time myself. Where’s Jane Badler when you need her?
Hero author Perry Moore has certainly livened up the gay panels this year. Though controversial and possibly a little too aggressive towards fellow panelists, his questions about sustaining gay characters in comics being as important as introducing them are valid.
• The Futurama panel dealt with the current voice actor negotiations by not dealing with it at all. Matt Groening opened the panel by promising that negotiations were still underway, but they had nothing to report (which seems to contradict the news reports that suggest it’s all over and done with). A surprisingly submissive audience just said, “Okay.” I chose to hurl my Zapp Brannigan figure at Groening’s head.
• My most embarrassing moment of the day came when I stood in line to procure a ticket to the Being Human autograph signing. You were supposed to approach the BBC America staff and announce the name of the show you wanted the ticket for: The Mighty Boosh, Doctor Who or Being Human. I walked up to them and said, “Being There.” The staff and line of 1,000 people just groaned. I’m so cool.
• The Gays in Comics mixer and FBOTU t-shirt distribution went very well! I enjoyed meeting more of our site members and luring new, unsuspecting members to our special brand of madness. If you didn’t get a shirt, there’s a limited number available at the Prism booth (while supplies last)!

Off to the Muppets panel, then it’s shopping the rest of the day! More later in the Live Blog thread!

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