Comics of the Universe Presents: A Very Special Episode of Thingpart

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Sometimes, I just have to ask, “Who do I think I am?” (Usually while pointing at a mirror and waving an empty bottle of Absolut Ruby Red.) I’ve staked out this little piece of cyberspace, built a home, planted some seeds, maybe get some chickens next spring… The point is that my answer to “Who do I think I am?” is this: I got something to say. And maybe someone (or three) will listen. And the existence of this little stage, this Fanboys of the Universe, is here specifically so I can tell you about the good stuff out there, the treasures. Like Thingpart by Joey Alison Sayers. If I can get one person hooked on this strip, then this whole enterprise has been worth something. But I’m greedy, and I hope all of you have bookmarked Joey’s website, subscribed to her RSS feed and dove into the archives of Thingpart to get up to speed with the subversive, irreverent and hilarious world she’s created.

I’m pleased as punch to announce that we have three more strips, chosen by the artist herself, WITH COMMENTARY, appearing in the Comics of the Universe feature! So go! Go! Go read and fall in love with Thingpart. Or, if you’re already in love with Thingpart, fall in love again for the first time. Again and again.

And come back next Wednesday, for another installment of Joey’s favorite strips!

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