FBOTU’s Weekly Comics Load: All Your Kents Are Belong to Us!

My new obsession with the Batman is getting a little out of control. I’m reading all the trade paperbacks I can get my hands on, but I seem to be getting them out of order. So in one, he’s alive and boinking Selina Kyle, in another he’s dead and has a son, and in another he and Dick are oil wrestling at an all-male resort in Ibiza. I’ve got to get them in order, so I understand the sequence of events that lead up to the current adventures. New Comics Monger gave me Arkham Asylum Living Hell, Face the Face and Heart of Hush to help fill in the gaps and wished me well (and by “gave,” I mean “sold” and by “wished me well,” I mean, “asked me to leave.”). In spite of my Bat-reading, I managed to peruse a few other titles for this week’s Load. Let’s get started, shall we? The Black Lantern guys don’t stay fresh for very long.

FBOTU Comic of the Week

Blackest Night: Superman #1: I haven’t been reading Superman long enough to know where he stands on heart-snatching zombies. From this issue, I’ve gleaned that he’s not a fan. I love the altruism of Superman as much as the next guy, but I have to admit being a little giddy at the thought of good ol’ Ma Kent coming face to face with recently deceased Pa Kent. That’s bound to mess you up a little. Wouldn’t it be great if the trauma turns Ma Kent into the stiletto-wearing supervillainess she was always meant to be?

Note: For those keeping score, we get FOUR shots of Conner’s exposed midriff in this issue. Can you find them all?

Now, just clickety-click here for the rest of the Load.

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