The Technology of Hooking Up


Back in the dark ages (aka the early 90s), if guys wanted to meet each other and possibly explore a short-term physical relationship, they’d have to go to a bar, bookstore or Home Depot. Then Al Gore invented the internet, and suddenly guys could just stay home and find each other online. Being technologically naive, I thought that was as far as hooking up could go. Then, this past weekend, I couldn’t help noticing every other guy around me was staring at his iPhone. This phenomenon occurred at the pool, in restaurants and even in crowded bars, surrounded by other guys staring at their iPhones. I finally asked what the heck everyone was doing on their phones all the time and was introduced to an iPhone app called Grindr.

I do not have an iPhone myself, so I was clueless to this new development. As an app, Grindr allows you to view and communicate with all the other men on Grindr wherever you happen to be. So how’s that different from IM applications? Grinder tells you how close the guys are to you geographically. Not just city and state, but feet. Yes. A friend showed me his screen. “There’s a guy 25 feet away who wants to hook up with me,” he said. “Why doesn’t he walk over here and talk to you?” I asked. My friend shook his head. “This is better. I have a picture of his dick.” Which he then showed me, and I began to see the benefits of such an application.

The Grindr website describes the service thusly:

“Unlike other dating or social network sites, Grindr is meant to be mobile. And it uses GPS technology to instantly zone in on men in your area. New in town? Tap into Grindr to check out who’s on the scene. On a trip? Use Grindr to find a local who’d like to show you around. Hanging at home? Make Grindr your go-to place and see who’s looking to meet up tonight. No matter where you find yourself, Grindr is the go-to app for socializing in seconds with the guys around you.”

The one-night stand revolution is here, and it’s on the iPhone. I asked my friend if it was really necessary for him to be Grindr-ing on his iPhone during lunch, to which he replied, “Hey, while you were having dessert, I was setting up a trick for later.” It’s sound reasoning, I suppose. Will the last iPhone holdouts, like yours truly, finally be swayed to make the switch because it will make getting laid so much easier? Maybe I’ll start looking into building a FBOTU app that allows you to find the nearest fanboy looking to chat about comics, Battlestar Galactica and, oh yeah, have sex.

Grindr is available on iTunes in both free and subscription versions. Enjoy!

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