Comics of the Universe: A Final Passive-Aggressive Thingpart

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Nooooo! I’ve been dreading this day. The final installment of our special Thingpart feature has been posted on the Comics of the Universe page. I hope you’ve all enjoyed this brief introduction to the delightfully subversive world of Thingpart, as well as a glimpse into the mind of its creator. I want to thank the vivacious and talented Joey Alison Sayers for coming through with the strips and for taking the time to indulge my crazy demands. Even though the special Thingpart feature is ending its run on FBOTU, you can still read a new Thingpart every single Wednesday on Joey’s website. Be sure you bookmark that sucka and visit every week!

Now, to celebrate Joey and her contribution to our little show here , we’re giving away TWO autographed copies of Joey’s most recent book, Just So You Know, which is a collection of autobiographical comics about Joey’s coming out as a transsexual and her transition to living life as a woman. Just be the first two folks to post, “Pass the salt” in the comments section. It’s just that easy to score a free, autographed copy of Just So You Know. Thank you again, Joey! Now, enjoy the last installment of Thingpart!

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