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Countdown to Halloween: Costumes from a Galaxy Far, Far Away

I love Halloween. It might just be my favorite holiday (after Saint Swithun’s Day, of course). I started my Halloween shopping over the weekend and couldn’t believe I got such a late start this year. In case you haven’t decided what you’re wearing, I’ll be posting some suggestions over the next few weeks. Our goal is 100% participation in this year’s FBOTU Halloween Costume Contest Spooktacular. So, let’s get started. Over-the-counter costumes have come a long way since I was a kid, growing up in the territory now known as Oklahoma. Back then, all you got was a highly flammable vinyl apron and a plastic mask with an insufficient air hole. Thankfully, we now have costumes of a much higher quality. Though, instead of a vinyl apron, they’re now mostly comprised of a one-size-fits-most fabric jumpsuit. Here are some offerings from the Star Wars Shop:


This is a nice selection, actually. The Leia costume is going to be very popular on the comic convention circuit (and at bachelor parties, I’m sure). The Obi-Wan in Clone armor is kind of hot. I can see bringing a guy home for a romantic evening and saying, “Hey, I have an idea. Put this on and serve me in the Clone Wars. You’re my only hope.” Ahem. The X-Wing Pilot would be cool as a group costume, having each person play a different member of the Red Team. “Stay on target! Stay on target!” The Han ensemble seems like it would be easy to assemble on your own, and without all the pieces sewn together (including the boots). I would pass on that one, unless it’s part of a group costume. If you had a dozen Hans, that would be cool. Finally, you can never go wrong with a Jedi robe. A.) You don’t even need the tunic underneath; just keep the robe closed! Don’t wear anything under it at all! B.) Robes are flow-y and fun to swirl around. Plus, hoods are sexy. Hooded guys are the best. All of the above costumes range in price from $50-$100.

Now, if you’re feeling adventurous and want something requiring a little more commitment on Halloween night, check these out:


The Vader and Stormtrooper costumes are pretty standard, but I think it’s nice of them to put out a high-end option for fans who want deluxe costumes, but don’t have the skills or time to build their own from scratch. The Jabba costume, however, is divine. I’m tempted. Oh yes, I’m tempted. I can’t think of a single situation that couldn’t be improved by showing up in this Jabba costume. And for more fun, why not customize it with some feathers and eye shadow and go as Ziro? You could be the gayest Hutt at the party! The Vader and Stormtrooper costumes are $1,000 each, but Jabba is only $70. Steep? Perhaps. But can you really put a price on Halloween in these trying economic times? Not to worry, though. If, like me, you’re on a budget, there’s always this option:


It’s only $30 and can be worn all year long! Hope this selection has inspired you! We’ll have more suggestions next week. You can find these and lots more at the Star Wars Shop. MTFBWY!

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