In Her Satin Tights, Begging for Her Rights


Comic book readers have probably noticed or heard about

Dan Didio‘s DC Nation note in the back of all the recent DC comic book titles. In case you haven’t, a movement is underway to restore Wonder Woman‘s original numbering, to honor her history and give her the kind of milestone special issues that other long-running titles enjoy. That would mean renumbering the upcoming 45th issue of the current series as #600. Didio wants 600 postcards in support of the renumbering proposal sent to him at DC in order to make the change. The argument against renumbering mainly consists of the fear that a title with a number as high as 600 would frighten away new readers.

This is, of course, a publicity stunt to publicize the title and raise awareness of an upcoming milestone. There’s certainly nothing wrong with that. But I wonder, if Didio gets only 599 postcards, does that mean Wonder Woman must keep her lowly numbering and forfeit her chance to re-join the big boys like Superman and Batman? How many issues will she be allowed until the numbers grow too high and intimidating for new readers? Will she be set back to zero once she hits #50? Or #100? I’d be curious to know what Gail Simone, Wonder Woman‘s current writer, thinks of all this. Personally, I’m all for the recognition of the character and her history in the DC Universe, as well as in pop culture and American literary history. However, putting it up to a vote and, worse, making her campaign for her recognition, has the (hopefully) unintended result of perpetuating her second-class status as a character. So, I hope she gets her due; but I also hope they don’t make too much of the postcard voting.

If you’d like to cast your ballot for our beloved Amazon princess, just send a postcard that says “Wonder Woman issue #45 should start renumbering at #600!” to Dan Didio c/o DC Comics, 1700 Broadway, New York, NY 10019. Good luck, Diana!

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