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A Simple Farmboy with 26 Points of Articulation

Star Wars has been on my mind lately, and by lately, I mean the past 30 years. But more so of late. Maybe it’s because I’m going to see Star Wars in Concert tomorrow night! Woohoo! Or maybe it’s because I’ve been organizing and editing my Star Wars collection lately. At any rate, I do believe it’s a testament to the power the movie still holds over me that no matter how many plastic renditions of Luke Skywalker have been made over the years, my heart rate still increases and I even gasp a little when I see things like Diamond Select’s Ultimate Quarter Scale Tatooine Luke Skywalker action figure.

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To me, Star Wars is still all about Luke. He was the first action figure I ever owned, in both small- and large-scale formats. As action figure sculpting and technology have advanced over the years, it’s amazing to look back at the first Luke figures and see how far we’ve come. A 19” Luke, with 26 points of articulation, layered cloth costume (including hat and poncho), electronic voice clips, lightsaber and display stand just blows my mind. If only I had this when I was a kid, I wouldn’t have had to use my imagination so much.

I probably have every version of Luke in his ANH gear ever made. It’s the iconic Luke look, and it’s imprinted on my very soul. When I see it, whether in plastic, porcelain or print, I am instantly transported. It makes me think that George could very easily pull a Manchurian Candidate and flip a switch, turning me into a mindless servant or killing machine. But then, I’m already George’s mindless servant, since I’m going to buy this sucker, even though I’m supposed to be downsizing my toy pile. But the way I


see it, there’s a difference between buying something just because it says Star Wars and buying something you have a genuine emotional reaction to. Am I right, fellas? Back me up here.

My only complaint with the prototype pics I’ve seen so far are with 1.) his face, which looks like he’s crying; and 2.) his hair, which nobody makes blonde anymore. It’s as if yellow paint has become too scarce. Still, I will buy him, because those boots are fabulous. Diamond Select’s Ultimate Quarter Scale Tatooine Luke Skywalker is estimated to ship in February 2010. Luckily, we can pre-order him now for $79.99 at Now, if only we could get an Ultimate Scale Princess Leia in Bespin Gown. I would build a shrine to it and make daily offerings of gold, frankincense and percodan.

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