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Itty Bitty Time Lord Cutie Smoosh

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How much do you love these things? Has a Dalek ever been so adorable? I can hear its tiny little tinny voice, squeaking, “Exterminate! Exterminate!” These My Little Who collectibles are part of the Time Squad line by Underground Toys. I have eschewed all other cutesy action figure lines (even Star Wars), but I might just have to get these, because there are so many horrific, murderous characters available.

The assortment will be available in the US in October/November and includes:
Pack 1: Cyberman, Black Dalek, Scarecrow, Vashta Nerada, Sontaran
Pack 2: Bronze Dalek, Sycorax, Natural Ood, Pyrovile Centurion, Clockwork Man
Pack 3: Supreme Dalek, Davros, The Doctor, Slitheen, Weeping Angel

No companions, though, which is odd. But then, this is just the first series. The whole set is only $49.99 and available for pre-order at I sincerely hope they make a tiny TARDIS for my tiny Doctor to fly around in, saving the tiny universe and tiny timestream from tiny tyrants.

Ahem. Did I go too far?

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