The Toys Are Back

Pixar films have gotten rather morose lately (Wall-E, Up), so I’m a little concerned about Toy Story 3. I guess this mixture of comedy and emotional devastation isn’t new, since the “When She Loved Me” sequence in Toy Story 2 sent me running home to hug all my toys (except for the really valuable ones, of course, because I didn’t want to bend their cards). The “Andy goes off to college” twist revealed in the trailer caught me by surprise, like a sucker punch to the stomach. Andy, the good kid who protects and takes care of his toys, can’t just run off and leave them, can he? He-Man and Luke Skywalker accompanied me to college, so I don’t see why Woody and Buzz can’t go along, sit on Andy’s desk and watch, glassy-eyed, as Andy drinks to excess and brings home an endless string of bi-curious members of the rowing team and more than a few “edgy” professors who claim they like you because, “You get it, man. You really get it.”

Anyway, I expect I shall be emotionally destroyed by this turn of events. Hopefully, Andy will meet a guy, settle down, adopt a baby, then pass his plastic treasures on to a new generation. Or maybe he’ll hold onto them, pay a lot of money to keep them in climate-controlled storage, then start a website where he talks about them like they’re real and makes inappropriate comments about animated characters having promiscuous collegiate sex. Either/or. Both good.