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Sex, Drugs, Rock and Roll Not Included

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First the Barbra Barbie, and now this. Mattel has unveiled the Ladies of the 80s line, featuring plastic tributes to Joan Jett, Debbie Harry and Cyndi Lauper. Each of these ladies rocked it pretty hard in the 80s, so I wonder how it feels to finally be immortalized by the ultimate stamp of pop culture approval. And I’m beginning to wonder if Mattel has given up on 6-year-old girls and is just focusing on gay guys now. I hope so, because I have a couple of requests:

1. A whole line of Madonna dolls, of course, from each and every reinvention, from rolling around in a wedding dress to MILF.
2. a-ha, featuring the dreamy Morten Harket and a “Take on Me” playset.
3. Debbie Gibson from the “Out of the Blue” period. You know, before she got into the bowler hats and oversized buttons.
4. Tina Turner! With denim jacket, black leather mini and stilettos.

A gay 80s kid can dream, can’t he? The Ladies of the 80s will be available in January 2010 and will retail for around $50 each.  However,  you can pre-order at for around $35.

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