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The Craziest Thing I Bought Today

When I was just a tiny little fanboy, I had an Empire Strikes Back sleeping bag that I loved oh so very much. But as much as I loved my sleeping bag, it was nothing compared to this:


As you may recall, this was an April Fool’s joke on earlier this year. Har har, it wasn’t real. Except people wanted it to be real. People went nuts for it. So, ThinkGeek called up George and said, “Hey…can we make a Tauntaun sleeping bag? People went nuts for it.” And George, in his benevolent wisdom, said, “Let it be so.” And now, now my friends, we have it. And it is good. And it is available for pre-order for $100. And I ordered it.

I did not plan on spending $100 on a Tauntaun sleeping bag today. In terms of extravagant fanboy expenditures, I had been saving up for the Pigs in Space Miss Piggy figure from Tonner. But when I got the email that the Tauntaun was finally for sale, I couldn’t resist. Did I mention it has a lightsaber zipper pull and Tauntaun guts printed on the inside? What occasion will I have to use it, you ask? Me, who would never think of going camping. In all likelihood, my noble Tauntaun will adorn the guest bed in my home office, scaring would-be guests and errant Wampas away. Now, how about a sleeping bag that looks like a slab of carbonite?

I’ll call George.