Comics of the Universe: Justin Hall and the Temple of Doom

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“Swallowing a cobra’s heart! Outrunning a tsunami! Anonymous sex in an ancient Egyptian temple!”

I should travel more.

Artist and writer Justin Hall has spent years of his life traveling and has visited over 60 countries. Lucky for us, he’s recounted many of his adventures, and those of his friends, in his comic book series True Travel Tales. In this week’s Comics of the Universe installment, Justin talks about his travels, his work on True Travel Tales and what makes a really good travel story. Whether you’ve done a lot of traveling or not, there’s an undeniable thrill in living vicariously through the stories Justin tells. Except for the cobra heart. It would have to be a tofu cobra heart for me. But I can see how that might be less exciting. (I should probably just stay home and read Justin’s comics.)

Head on over to the Comics of the Universe page and read all about Justin’s adventures. And be sure to check back next Wednesday for the next installment!

You can learn more about Justin, including where and how to get his books at All Thumbs Press.


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