Comics of the Universe: A Heroine Will Rise

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I don’t know about you, but I like a man who’s versatile. If you’ve been following Justin Hall‘s work in the Comics of the Universe feature, you’ve already learned he’s as adept with delicate, poetic legends as he is with gritty, autobiographical confessions. You can now add “high camp” to that list. This week, Justin is sharing an inside look at his fun and fabulous creation, Glamazonia: The Uncanny Super Tranny.

What transforms Glamazonia from campy, queer shenanigans into subversive work of art is Justin’s clever skewering of gay culture, comic book geeks and superhero mythology, all in one creation. She may not have Wonder Woman‘s press machine, but what she lacks in fame and fortune, she more than makes up in wit and wigs. Read up on what inspired Glamazonia’s creation and get a sneak peak at a page from the upcoming full-color Glamazonia graphic novel in Comics of the Universe! Enjoy!

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