Spend a Day with Daniel


This has already gone on my holiday wish list! Photographer Tim Hailand spent a day photographing Daniel Radcliffe on January 13, 2009, during his run in Equus on Broadway. The resulting photographs have been collected in a book cleverly titled, One Day in the Life of Daniel Radcliffe. The book is comprised of 50 black and white images, with footnotes written by Daniel himself. I can’t wait until my next dinner party, where the conversation will go something like this:

“Um…why do you have a coffee table book of photos of Daniel Radcliffe?”
“A better question would be: why don’t you?”
“How old are you again?”
Accio Daniel!”

At which point the book would fly into my hands and my 50 photos of Daniel and I will flee, while everyone else just mulls about in awkward silence, before just letting themselves out. You can learn more about the book, including where and how to buy it here. Enjoy! (Dinner party invitations are forthcoming.)