Absolute Justice, Absolutely

Oo! Look what’s all over the interwebs! A couple of sneak peaks of the upcoming Smallville TV movie Absolute Justice. In this first pic, we have Hawkman (Michael Shanks) making sweet Thanagarian love to Green Arrow (Justin Hartley) on top of a conference room table, probably at the Daily Planet or Watchtower, since those are the only two sets Smallville can afford anymore.


In the next photo, Doctor Fate (Brent Stait) and Stargirl (Britt Irvin) examine said conference room table, either collecting DNA or perhaps watching the show, wondering where Hawkman’s going to put that Nth metal mace.


Conference room sexual antics and superhero voyeurism aside, what do you think of the costumes? In a series where Superman wears a black trench coat, I think they look a little…costumey. However, I’m still very excited about this special two-hour event and can’t wait until February 5, 2010. Yup, we have to wait until February. But if you’re wondering what Stargirl, Doctor Fate and Hawkman look like out of their gear, here are some headshots:

Britt Irvin, Brent Stait and Michael Shanks

Now, let’s all sing: “Somebody saaaaaaave me…”

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