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Domo Arigato, Artoo-Detoo

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Finally! I first saw the prototypes for these babies ages ago, but knew very well it would be a while before they made their way from Japan to my tiny little home country of the United States of America. A few months ago, some friends were going to Japan and asked what they could bring back for me. I said, “Don’t you dare return without some lightsaber chopsticks, or so help me…” Guess what? They returned without some lightsaber chopsticks. “Oh, we thought you were kidding.” Kidding?! They are dead to me now.

Thank George they finally made it stateside and are available through ThinkGeek. I’m going to order them and I’m going to eat my bowls of brown rice and steamed vegetables with them every day. And now I can finally stop trying to eat every meal with the lightsaber spoon I got out of the Frosted Mini-Wheats box last year. Tragically, the chopsticks don’t actually light up, but that is a small sacrifice to finally be able to eat with elegant utensils for a more civilized age.


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