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Caption Contest: Non-Sparkle Version

I know I promised no more Twilight bashing. And actually, it’s more about weird action figure bashing. I got this lovely group photo in my email inbox this morning, and about 27 jokes immediately sprang to mind. Here are a couple:
“Look! A revival of Love! Valour! Compassion!
“We just need two more guys for a Village People reunion!”


According to AFX, this assortment includes Edward (“sparkle” version), Jacob, Jasper (subject to change without notice) and Edward (non-“sparkle” version). I think Jasper’s face has “subject to change without notice” written all over it. I’ve dated enough crazy guys to recognize that look.

So, just submit your own caption in the comments section below and the funniest one will win a prize from the FBOTU prize closet (most likely a DVD or action figure, though, sadly, not of the Twilight variety). Contest ends on Saturday, January 9 at 11:59PM. Good luck!