Which Hottie Should Play Captain America?


Every few days, new casting rumors seem to emerge regarding Marvel’s Captain America movie. Each more tantalizing than the last. Looking at the list of rumored contenders to pick up the iconic shield, one thing is certain. Captain America is going to be totally hot. The latest studly young actor to be mentioned is none other than our favorite thespian stripper, Channing Tatum. Channing, of course, just played Duke in G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, so making the leap to super soldier shouldn’t be too difficult.

Nothing official has been announced yet, so let’s take a look at the other rumored contenders for the role, shall we?


First up (L-R) is Chis Evans. Chris has done the superhero thing before (Fantastic 4), so we know he looks good in tights. With an upcoming role in Scott Pilgrim, Evans could be considered a hot property again. Next, we have Ryan Phillipe. He’s been proving his acting chops in drama as of late, though his participation in MacGruber could showcase a little whimsy. He has the gravitas, I think, if not the physicality. Next, Garrett Hedlund is about to make a big splash in Tron Legacy. But that won’t be until December. However, a rising star with a built-in Disney fan base could be very appealing to producers hoping to bring in the tween crowd. Finally, Mike Vogel (Cloverfield, She’s Out of My League) is kind of a longshot. First, he’s a little too pretty for Steve Rogers and lacks name recognition. But if Marvel is looking for a deal, they might just go with a lesser-known commodity and turn him into the next big thing.

So, what do you think? Who would you like to see pull on the star-spangled bodysuit? The First Avenger: Captain America will shoot in the UK this summer and is slated for release in July 2011.