Men in Tights and the Men Who Love Them


I nearly spit out my Fruit Loops when I opened about a dozen emails from friends, family and site members yesterday morning, letting me know that the New York Times ran a story on gay comic book fandom. You just don’t expect to see a picture of gay guys canoodling in tights in the venerable old Times. If you haven’t read the article, you really should. It doesn’t contain anything new or earth-shattering to us, the gay fanboys of the world, but it might be news to our hetero counterparts out there. Well, if any of them read the Fashion & Style section, that is. The article tries to tie together superhero fetishists, comic book fans and gay comic book characters all into one piece, which is perhaps covering more territory than space allows. But any exposure, even the “look at the freaks” kind, helps us with visibility. I wish we had some statistics on the percentage of gay comics consumers out there. It would be nice to have a figure that could then be translated into actual dollars and cents. I was just chatting with Sexy Comics Monger the other day about the gay comic book fan population, and he estimated his own LGBT regulars make up over half his store’s clientele. Hopefully, the success of Batwoman and the growing number of gay and lesbian characters in comics mean we have more diversity and representation to look forward to. However, I’m a firm believer that you can’t get anywhere in bad shoes. So I hope the guys in the photo above do the right thing and drop $40 on a pair of generic superhero boots right away. Seriously, girls. New Balance?

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