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George works in mysterious ways. A few years ago, I was up to my neck in Star Wars collectibles. I simply ran out of room in my house and my life for any more stuff. Realizing something had to be done, I decided to limit my collecting solely to toys and memoribilia from The Empire Strikes Back. And only things I had a strong emotional reaction to. Since that declaration, I’ve been able to maintain and curate a small, but beloved collection of items that fall within the parameters of those rules. When I came up with this plan, I didn’t realize that the 30th anniversary of ESB was right around the corner, and the market would suddenly be flooded with Empire loot! It’s going to be an economically taxing year, I can tell. Here are a few items I’ve got my eye on.

1. Super Deluxe AT-AT Vehicle ($119.99)
This beauty puts all other versions to shame. It stands more than 24 inches tall and is nearly 28 inches long and 12 inches wide. Plus, it holds up to 20 figures and includes a zip-line, articulated legs, LED lights and authentic movie sounds and phrases. I shall name him “Spot” and treat him like one of the family.


2. Space Slug Oven Mitt ($19.99)
I try to keep my toys and such contained in one room in the FBOTU compound. Visitors wouldn’t really know I’m a fanboy unless they fall through the trap door and find themselves in the Plunder Room, where I house my collection. However, I’m going to have to make an exception for this brilliant little oven mitt. Why hasn’t anyone thought of this before? With my R2-D2 pepper mill, this could be the beginning of an entire Star Wars kitchen.


3. Wampa Rug ($99.99)
This will go nicely with my Tauntaun sleeping bag. Plus, seeing Leia lazing on its back makes me think it would make a great prop for a Fanboy of the Month photo shoot. So, really, it’s a business expense.


4. “Luke on Hoth” McQuarrie Giclee ($895)
More than any other movie, Empire had a tremendous impact on me as a kid. A great part of that was the artwork by Ralph McQuarrie. To this day, whenever I see his work, it instantly transports me to another time and place. Having a 19” x 40” canvas of “Luke on Hoth” hanging above my bed would be a dream come true, I think. Star Wargasmic, even. The $895 price tag is a little steep, especially with Comic-Con and a trip to San Diego coming up. I’m sure if I write a nice letter to George and explain the parameters of my collection and give him an estimate of how much I’ve spent on Star Wars stuff over the years, he’ll give me a deal.


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