FBOTU Spotlight: Truly, Truly, Truly Outrageous

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I hope you’ve enjoyed our FBOTU Spotlight on Ed Luce and Wuvable Oaf this month. I loved getting the inside scoop on one of my favorite comics from its creator. So, I’d like to thank Ed for sharing his work and insights with us! Remember, Ed will be appearing at the Prism Comics booth at San Diego Comic-Con in July. Be sure to stop by, say hi and tell him you saw him on Fanboys of the Universe! Just don’t trip and fall and knock over a display of comics when you see how adorable he is in person. (Trust me, I speak from experience.) 

But the FBOTU Spotlight isn’t over yet! In our final installment, Ed talks about black spazz-metal queercore bands, the objectification of big, burly men and the unique comic book qualities of San Francisco. Ed was also kind enough to share one of my favorite pages from the Oaf books, which is Oaf’s stroll through the Castro. I love examining all the details, lines and textures in the artwork. It’s truly amazing. Just head on over to the FBOTU Spotlight page and enjoy! And be sure to listen to my podcast interview with Ed on the Podcasts page.

You can learn more about Ed and Wuvable Oaf, including where and how to get your very own copies, at the Oaf’s official website. Or you can win a FREE copy of Wuvable Oaf right now! Just find Wuvable Oaf on Facebook and tell us one of his favorite bands from his profile. Post your answer in the comments section below and win! Let’s say the first three site members to post will win. Once a band name is posted, please post a different one. There are plenty to choose from. Good luck!

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