Anyone Can Be Chosen, Even Ryan Reynolds

What do we have here? Could it be Green Lantern consumer products promo art allegedly released by Warner Bros. over the weekend?


As an initial teaser shot, I think it’s okay. The “Anyone Can Be Chosen” tagline is a little misleading, but I understand the need to attract the interest of a mainstream audience who may not know everything involved in choosing a new Lantern. Going forward, though, I think it’s going to be very important to show Green Lantern in action and what exactly the ring can do. If we’re ever going to get more DC movies other than Batman over and over again, they’re really going to have to sell what makes GL so cool. There’s still a lot of fan interest from Blackest Night and a lot of new GL readers because of that, so here’s hoping DC and Warner Bros. can keep the momentum going.

On a personal note, this whole business about Ryan Reynolds having a CGI suit instead of tights is of great concern, since it practically guarantees a bulge-free movie-going experience. Because of that, marketing is seriously going to have to work extra hard to get the FBOTU Seal of Approval. Just sayin’.

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