Don’t Cry For Me, Alejandro

Here ‘tis. The much-anticipated video for Lady Gaga‘s “Alejandro.” Watch carefully, then let’s discuss.

Hm. Okay. I will watch this a few more times, I’m sure. My initial reaction, though, is that it lacks the kind of strong storyline found in other Gaga videos. While visually appealing, I can’t shake the feeling “Alejandro” is about a woman trapped in a never-ending Madonna video. Is it a comment on the trappings or consequences of female sexual liberation in the new millenium? The interchangeable male sex objects around her are both masculine and feminine, yet seem on the verge of committing some act of violence and sexual assault. Have men become so neutered and oppressed that women view them as ticking time bombs now? And how has religious imagery in music videos changed since “Like a Prayer?” At the time, it got you banned from MTV. Christian imagery feels sort of cute and harmless now, considering that depicting some religions can get an artist killed nowadays. Still, the Catholic church continues a crusade of lies, oppression and abuse. Is “Alejandro’s” world a direct result of that? Are the inhabitants victims who enact violence on each other and themselves in a never-ending cycle? Or did Gaga just want to wear a red, vinyl nun’s habit?

What do you think?