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My Dependence on Technology Is Complete and Total


Believe it or not, I do not have an iPhone. I’m very happy with my Sprint service and coverage and haven’t felt compelled to give that up just yet. So, I’ve been holding out, plugging away like a caveman on my Palm Treo 750. Then, quite out of the blue, Long-Suffering Boyfriend surprised me with the new HTC EVO 4G phone from Sprint! I have no idea what any of those letters stand for, but it’s new and shiny and touch-screeny, so I love it! I haven’t begun to figure out how to use the darn thing, and it will be weeks before I have time to read the manual, but here are some cool features I accidentally discovered.

My whole life is controlled by the good people at Google, so I’m very happy with this whole Android software business. I was able to transfer my whole life from my computer to my phone, just by signing in.
4.3” screen displays FBOTM videos beautifully! I can finally watch the guys wherever I go and show prospective FBOTMs what they’re signing up for.
Free Sonic Screwdriver app will come in very handy at some point, I’m sure.
Supposedly, I’ll be able to stream LIVE video from Comic-Con to the web via Qik. FBOTU BulgeCam 2010! Woohoo!
The phone itself is a wi-fi hotspot, so I can grant cute web-hungry guys salvation and sanctuary, like a priest doling out communion wafers to the faithful.
You know you’re living in 2010, when you’re disappointed that the voice recognition text messaging gets all the words right, but doesn’t capitalize. What is this? 1950?
It has dual cameras, which I guess makes it easier to document sexual encounters more thoroughly.
Unlike every other device I’ve ever owned, the Bluetooth actually works!

So, I’m a very happy little fanboy today. And I’m looking forward to exploiting the functions of the phone at conventions, FBOTM shoots, top secret missions for the Rebel Alliance, etc. Thanks, Long-Suffering Boyfriend!