Gear Up the Gay Comic Geek Contest: Make It Work!


At the Gay Comic Geek‘s Fanboy of the Month photo shoot, I got to choose his wardrobe and dress him up however I wanted. I put him in tight Fanboys of the Universe t-shirts, some tiger-striped Ginch Gonch briefs and a pair of tight, red Unico trunks that left nothing to the imagination. Now, I don’t know how many of you have had the same opportunity to play dress-up with Paul, but if you haven’t, I highly recommend it! And now, you have the next best thing to work with! Just design a costume for our superheroic Gay Comic Geek and enter the Gear Up the Gay Comic Geek Contest!

Class Comics, everyone’s favorite gay adult comics resource, is teaming up with everyone’s favorite Gay Comic Geek to bring you a chance to win an extremely well-endowed package of art and prizes! Taking part in the Gear Up the Gay Comic Geek Contest is easy! Just design a superhero costume for Paul using Patrick Fillion‘s super hot character art, submit your entry by August 15, 2010, and you could win some amazing prizes, like a signed copy of Patrick’s illustration of your design, a BIG LOAD of all 43 of the Class Comics current titles and much, much more!

There are two categories you can enter: Naughty and Nice. Just head over to the Gear Up the Gay Comic Geek Contest page at Class Comics, get the rules, get the art and get started!

Warning! Don’t get stuck admiring the “Naughty” version of Paul. I got as far as drawing a mask on him, them got distracted. Frankly, a mask might be overkill. But if we kept him naked all the time, there wouldn’t be a contest! So, make it work, designers. See you on the runway!

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