Sony Talks “The Boys” with Adam McKay


From the director of Anchorman comes…The Boys? According to Entertainment Weekly, Adam McKay (Will Farrell’s go-to guy) is in talks with Sony to direct Garth Ennis‘s anti-superhero epic. McKay would certainly appeal to the male of the species, but does he have what it takes to make a darkly comic, deeply disturbing, ultra-violent Boys movie?

I’m a fan of The Boys, and in the right hands, it could be a grittier, giddier version of The Watchmen. Actually, I think Edgar Wright (Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, Scott Pilgrim) would be a good choice to direct The Boys. Plus, that would help get Simon Pegg on board to play Wee Hughie. Although casting Simon would be a no-brainer, since the character was based on him, he Tweeted last year that he believed he was too old to play Hughie at this point. With Wright at the helm, Pegg would follow.

This is all conjecture, of course. Who knows? Maybe a McKay version would work. Farrell could certainly make a cameo as one of the sexist, egotistical, lying, hypocritical superheroes. The challenge will be in striking the right tone, but keeping it from turning into camp. As ridiculous and over-the-top as it all is, Ennis always managers to sober things up with well-placed doses of violence and terror. A movie that can capture the funny and horrific awkwardness of the comics could be the start of a film franchise.

What do you think? Who should bring The Boys to life?

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