In Brightest Day, In Blackest—-Aigh! Mustaches!


Okay, it appears Warner Bros. is sticking with the weird, amateurish, lantern look in the poster graphics, at least for now. But we’re not here to talk about that. Oh no. And we’re not even here to talk about how hot Ryan Reynolds is (though he looks more grumpy than hot in the poster above). No, we’re here to talk about sexy Sinestro and the battle of the moustaches.


I really never gave Sinestro much thought, until the animated Green Lantern film came along and Victor Garber played him with such vim and verve. Suddenly, I forgot all about the pink weirdo in blue pajamas from the Superfriends cartoon. Helloooo, Sinestro. Then, I began secretly hoping that maybe, just maybe, he’d get the sexy treatment in the movie, too. Well, this teaser poster is giving me hope (among other things). Hopefully, Sinestro makes it through the first film as Hal’s ally and, hopefully, shower buddy, before turning all Yellow Lantern on his ass. I also like that there’s clearly a hierarchy of evil mustaches in the world of the movie. Peter Sarsgaard’s mustache is evil, certainly, but definitely in a low-rent used car salesman or abusive football coach kind of way. Sinestro’s carefully groomed facial hair suggests a higher level of maniacal pedigree. It’s a ‘stache to be reckoned with and feared. Now, if you notice, Ryan is sporting a scruffy five o’clock shadow look, obviously inferior to Sinestro’s skills and attention to detail. After careful facial hair analysis, I feel like I don’t even need to see the movie anymore. The mustaches tell the tale. So, buckle up, Hal, you’re going for a mustache ride you’ll never forget!

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