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Matty Birthday to Me!

It was a very different world when I was born. Dinosaurs roamed the earth (so annoying); there was no internet (I blogged on cave walls); and The Simpsons had only been on for two seasons. A lot has happened since I waved goodbye to friends and family as Pangea slowly broke up to form the continents we know today, but in all the time between then and now, I never dreamed I’d ever get a birthday present as nice as this:


While I was shamelessly flirting with site members at my booth at Comic-Con, Long-Suffering Boyfriend was sneaking around the Mattel booth, getting me the exclusive Masters of the Universe art prints! They are gorgeous and whimsical and weird, or in other words, quintessentially MOTU. Though some fans have groused about the image of He-Man killing something, it might actually be my favorite of the bunch, since it reminds me of a very similar scene I used to act out as a child. Except the bloody, decapitated victim wasn’t some random serpent; it was Orko.

With these pieces, as well as my Cosmo Skeletor, I’m almost ready to curate my own MOTU art gallery. All I need now is a piece devoted to the secret love affair between Fisto and Bow. In oils. Maybe by Patrick Fillion. Then my collection will be complete.

Thank you, Long-Suffering Boyfriend, for the awesome and unexpected Matty birthday surprise!

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