Star Wars: In Extreme 2D!

I met a fellow at a bar recently who confessed that he’d never seen The Empire Strikes Back. Later, while I was explaining to the cops how I cut off the guy’s hand with a lightsaber improvised out of a glow stick, rubber band and a spork, I had an epiphany. Star Wars is life. Luckily, the cops agreed and let me go with a warning. They get it. You know who else gets it? Jeremy Messersmith and Eric Power. Just watch the video posted above. Messersmith’s song, “Tatooine,” provides the inspiration for Power’s paper theatrics. It’s a wonderful combination, proving the power and influence of the Star Wars mythos. The story can be told with the best special effects or with construction paper, and you still get the message of friendship, courage and redemption.

You can learn more about Messersmith and download his music at See more of Power’s paper creations at

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