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Trailer Frenzy

The holiday movie frenzy is upon us! And adding chum to the movie-going waters this week are new trailers for a couple of highly-anticipated movies. First up is the latest trailer for Tron: Legacy, where we get to see a young Jeff Bridges puppet of some kind talk to his son.

Aww. Young Jeff Bridges makes me want to watch Starman again. Jeff’s bare alien ass was instrumental in my early childhood sexual development. As for the trailer, of course it’s visually stunning, a veritable smorgasbord of technological artistry. But I can’t concentrate on that right now, because there’s more Harry Potter to watch! Not exactly a trailer, here’s a brief scene outside the Burrow as Ron tries to convince Harry to stay, and Harry tries to convince Ron to maybe give him a hot oil massage. Let’s watch!


I’m a big Hermione fan; I’ve even accepted Emma Watson‘s enthusiastic eyebrow acting. However, I think these young men need some alone time. I think Harry Potter and the Bi-Curious Ginger could be a really important installment in the HP saga. Can’t wait!