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The City of Angels and Homos Welcomes BENT-CON!


Living in Los Angeles isn’t easy. The earthquakes, the fires, the mudslides, the traffic. A couple of weeks ago, I was turned away from my own neighborhood because of a film shoot. Despite the challenges, though, sometimes something totally cool comes along and I remember why I love L.A. so much. Case in point: BENT-CON is coming! What is BENT-CON? A group of gay comic book creators got together and said, “Let’s put on a show!” And nothing appeals to my little gay heart like the words “Let’s put on a show!”

On Sunday, December 5, 2010 in Los Angeles, your favorite gay comic book creators will be meeting fans and selling their wares at BENT-CON, a real, live gay comic book convention!

I can’t wait! Fanboys of the Universe will be there at our very own table. Stop by, say hi and play FBOTU’s Big and Hard Trivia Challenge! Meet the insanely talented gay artists and writers creating comics just for you! Stalk Jon Macy! It’s easy; he’ll be right over there! Truly, it’s going to be a blast.

In the coming days, I’ll be highlighting some of the creators who will be there, so you’ll be primed and ready to make the most of your BENT-CON experience. So stay tuned for more information!

P.S. Did I mention it’s being held next door to the Faultline?! Every comic book convention should be held next door to the Faultline. That should totally be a rule.

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