Comics Load: All Is Fair in Love and Aquawar

Chance is swamped with work on the new and improved Fanboys of the Universe site, which is launching NEXT WEEK! So, this week’s Comics Load is all-Brian, all-the-time! Woohoo! In addition to being a comics scholar and pop culture pundit, Brian is also the creator of the smash indie comic So Super Duper. In fact, Brian just posted his 200th So Super Duper strip on Newsarama.com. Congratulations, Brian! Now, on with the Load!

image Adventure Comics #523
This New Mutants meets Young X-Men meets Young Justice meets Teen Titans meets Young Warriors meets Young Avengers meets Avengers Academy meets Generation X is pretty fabulous. Mostly thanks to the art. In case you don’t know, the story takes place in the space-age super future of the Legion of Superheroes at a training ground for future heroic Legionnaires. Like all good teenage comics, the cast includes a snooty, entitled rich kid, a wild-child teenage girl and a straight-arrow brainy student. When you mix them all together, you get a delicious dish full of adolescent drama. It’s all a little “been there-done-that” kind of deal, but the eye-popping art by Phil Jimenez is what really makes the book a delight. The way Jimenez draws the hubba-hubba Gravity Kid (the new focus of my comic lust) and the drag queen diva-ish Night Girl makes this comic all the more fabulous!
image Brightest Day #20
Of all the wars I’ve been forced to study—from my elementary Social Studies years (shout out to my fifth grade teacher and his glass eye) to High School—I would have to say this year’s Aquawar is by far my favorite. Who could possibly resist a war between two underwater factions starring a blond hottie with a swimmer’s build who gets his hand chopped off by an evil, big-helmeted villain, only to triumphantly defeat said baddie (and his fellow minions), joyously reunite with his on-again-off-again-on-again red-headed ex-wife (who used to have giant green flippers for feet) via a passionate lip-lock, only to end up being blasted into white powder thanks to that cock-blocking, super pushy White Lantern? If we had only studied a war this exciting and amazing back when I was an impressionable boy, I might be the celebrated Harvard history professor I was always meant to be.
image The Li’l Depressed Boy #1
I’m a full-on mega nerd, I freely admit it. I’m, like, a total comic book devoted geek to the nth power and beyond. So geeky and nerdy in fact, that I’m not at all anywhere near what someone might remotely consider cool or hip or groovy. That is until I picked up this new indie uber creative comic. Just by reading this book I’ve actually felt my hipness quotient rise, like, 99%. I may not know who, or what, this Li’l Depressed Boy is—he’s this odd, white, near-faceless doll-like character—but I do identify with his struggle to discover himself in today’s modern world, make interpersonal connections and maybe even find a little bit-o-love with a tattooed, music loving, café-inhabiting free-spirited chick. This sweet comic is a must for all dorks who need a shot of “cool.”
image Spider-Girl #4
I don’t know who’s dumber, me for reading this book, or Marvel for publishing it. I guess I’ll say both. It’s just so sad that the dialogue has its brief, shinning moments of humor and wit, because the overall story and the Spider-Girl character herself are both pretty poor. The girl has no freakin’ powers, people! And she’s supposed to fight the tough-ass daughter of Kraven the freakin’ Hunter? Stupid. Stupid, stupid, stupid. Ugh, this book! I’ll probably buy the next issue.
image Supergirl #61
Now, this is how you do a teenage female character who shares the heroic name with a major, iconic male hero. You see, Supergirl actually has Superman’s powers. That’s why she’s called SUPERgirl. What’s more, this entertaining storyline continues the very intriguing “FlyOver” tagging app that some villain is using to try to kill other heroes. Just who is this villain? It’s unclear! I smell a mystery, and boy do I love a good “who’s the villain” mystery in comics. So, add this comic to your pull list, for sure. Just try to ignore the grody short hair Supergirl’s still sporting. Seriously, Kara, get it together. I expect better of you.
image Superman #708
What a useless and pointless and stupid cross-over. There was no reason for Wonder Woman to show up here, and what’s more, her guest appearance didn’t add a smidge to the main Supes story, nor did it help to push Wonder Woman’s own storyline forward. Lame. Despite how much I love Wonder Woman (even in her new black pants look, which is wearing pretty thin already, I must confess) and am always happy to see her appear throughout the DCU, I just didn’t care for this book. It felt forced and fake. Just like me when I have to interact with my boyfriend’s co-workers.
image Uncanny X-Force #5
Try to overlook the fact that this comic stars the mega idiotic Fantomex (perhaps the worst comic character created by Grant Morrison) and just sit back and enjoy the amazing story by the insanely talented Rick Remender. Another tense, gripping read. How does Remender do it? Seriously. He makes me almost care for Fantomex, which I am loath to admit. Damn you, Remender, for making me care even a smidge for Fantomex. Damn you to hell!
image Wolverine and Jubliee #2
I’m so loving this book! While Jubes is still fighting her what-is-sure-to-be-inevitable-acceptance of her new vampirism by being all mopey and complainy, I’m confident once she’s embraced her inner Edward Cullen, she’ll be all red-eyed badass and shiz. Which I welcome, because I kind of get off on seeing a leather-clad Jubliee beating up evil mutants and acting all sassy. Does that make me a perv? I’m sure it does, but I readily embrace it. Also, it was kinda great seeing little vampi-Jubilee fight, and for the most part, kick Wolverine’s fanny. That pompous runt needs to have his butt handed to him by a little Asian girl more often.

So, whatcha readin’ this week? Let us know in the comments section!


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