FBOTU: New Look, Same Geeky Attitude

Fanboys of the Universe will be turning three years old on April 10, which is practically 30 in internet years. As I recall, I was almost three myself when I got my first major facelift, so it’s only fitting that FBOTU get a new look on the eve of such an important birthday.

The goal of this redesign was to better leverage the three years of content we have here on the site. We wanted to make everything more accessible, visible and interactive. There are changes all over the place, some subtle, some dramatic. Some new stuff is coming. Some old stuff is gone. I think Yoda said it best, when he told Obi-Wan, “C’est la vie!” I couldn’t agree more.

We still have a lot do behind the scenes, and some of the paint is still a little wet, so you might notice a few more cosmetic and content organization changes as we go along. For now, though, take a look around, kick the tires, but not too hard, because most everything is put together with Scotch tape, paper clips and leftover containers of slime from my Evil Horde Slime Pit playset. Strangely enough, after 20 years, it turns into load-bearing slime.

I had lots of help with the makeover from both old friends and new. First, big thanks to Long-Suffering Boyfriend Michael for doing all the design and graphics work. He’s very good at taking my unintelligible notes and turning them into exactly what I had in mind. Thanks to Team FBOTU for their contributions and for acting as a sounding board for some of my kookier ideas. Thanks to artist Diego Gómez for the spectacular new artwork featuring the FBOTU heroes and villains. And, finally, big thanks and warm welcome to Melissa and Sean at Emtwo Web Studios for turning all the concepts into cold, hard code, with a lot of professional and valuable input, assistance and advice along the way. 

Thanks for visiting Fanboys of the Universe! I hope you enjoy your stay!


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