Smallville: I Think I’m a Clone Now

FBOTU TV: Smallville, “Scion”

For a while now, I’ve been somewhat distracted by the obvious lack of extras in Smallville. I begged the creators to let fans volunteer to be citizens of Metropolis, so it wouldn’t appear that only the main characters lived there…alone. Alas, Metropolis still only consists of Clark and his close circle of friends. Thankfully, he has Lois to save all the time, or he’d have nothing to do. Can’t Vampire Diaries send over some of those townspeople who are always running and screaming and dying at historical luncheons and fundraisers?

Having said all that, this week’s episode actually called for a little bit of intimacy, since it was all about Clark playing mentor to Lex’s clone, or Cognitional Neuroplastic Replicant (CNR for short; hint hint). But alternate universe Lionel Luthor would also like to mentor the boy, whose powers have grown considerably since Tess tried to kill him a couple of episodes back. Lionel wants to turn him into a true Luthor, so they can rule the galaxy, side by side, as father and son. A little red Kryptonite should do the trick!

I’ve been enjoying Tess’s story arc, though I’m beginning to fear for her safety. It’s always the bad girls who have been reformed who get killed in the line of duty before the end. I also kind of like that they’ve sent Chloe and Oliver off to Star City, even if it means the end of shirtless Oliver episodes. Though I can’t imagine they’ll stay away for very long. My prediction is that they’re sending all the allies away just long enough to make it more dramatic when they show up to help in the final battle. If Buffy and Harry Potter and the Smurfs have taught me anything, it’s that true power lies in friendship. Take that, Darkness! 

As for little Alexander Luthor (aka CNR), I was hoping he’d be more of a hunky jock type, though I’m willing to withhold judgment until we see him in action a little more. You know what he really needs? A helpful and devoted friend, maybe a certain genius boy detective from Gotham? With all the money they’re saving on extras and from sending the majority of the cast away, they could totally afford to hire a Tim Drake for the clone to hang with.


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