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FBOTU Goes to Emerald City

The last thing you want to hear when you’re going through airport security is: “Sir, is this your laptop?” I thought for sure my trip to Seattle for Emerald City Comicon was going to be cut embarrassingly short because of a hard drive full of FBOTM photos. Luckily, the TSA agents were only interested in the Simpsons skin I have covering my MacBook. While I was telling them how and where I got the decal, about 30 suspicious people wandered through security unnoticed, so I feel bad about that, but was relieved to be on my way to the con.

Though I’ve been to Seattle many times, this is my first time at Emerald City Comicon. Fanboys of the Universe will be setting up at the Prism Comics booth, where I’ll be showing off the new site layout, giving away some FBOTU swag and generally getting in the way of the artists around me. I will also have a handful of 2011 Fanboy of the Month Calendars to give away to devoted site members, including a couple that have been signed by Frank, Trevor, Sean-Z and Hadrian. I haven’t decided yet what hoops you’ll have to jump through to get a calendar, but it probably won’t be too difficult, since I’m kind of a pushover.

Special guests appearing at the Prism booth this year include Jeff Krell, creator of the groundbreaking gay comic strip Jayson; Jon Macy, author of the graphic novel Teleny and Camille (and Queer Press Grant recipient for his fantasy series Fearful Hunter); and Sean-Z, creator of the erotic fantasy series Myth.

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See you there!

(Photo of Doctor Horrible and Captain Hammer courtesy of Prism Comics)

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