“Fringe” Recap: Prelude to a Fist

The following observations regarding the latest episode of Fringe (“Os”) contain spoilers of such magnitude that I feel obligated to institute a brand new spoiler warning system here on FBOTU: The River Song Spoiler Alert. Take it away, River:


Okay, let’s talk Fringe. Poor Olivia. It’s bad enough that she’s the least interesting (and least pregnant) of the Peter/Olivia/Fauxlivia love triangle, but now she’s been possessed by Leonard Nimoy. Come on! This will be a serious handicap for her when Peter makes his choice between Olivas and universes. Seriously, he’s never going to choose the Olivia who might suddenly turn into an 80-year-old Vulcan during oral sex. 

Add to that the extremely uncomfortable Leonard Nimoy impersonation that Anna Torv is doing, and you might as well kiss our universe goodbye. (Goodbye, universe! We had a good run. U R 2-Kewl 2-B 4-Gotten!)

This latest disastrous development can be blamed, of course, on stupid f**king Walter. Jebus, he is good at screwing everything up. For some reason, he’s been obsessed with the idea that William Bell can somehow solve the universe deterioration problem, even though he had decades to do so, and obviously didn’t, wouldn’t or couldn’t. Still, Walter perseveres and concludes that Bell must have succeeded in inventing some “soul magnets” to yank his soul back into the world of the living after his demise. Of course. Why didn’t I think of that? Oh yeah, I’m not crazy. If Walter had given this awful idea any thought at all, he would have realized that the most psychically vulnerable of the gang is Olivia (which is also his fault). Oh my God, I just want to punch him in the face. Why won’t someone punch him in the face?

Olivia experiences the Vulcan mind meld.

I’m not ready to declare shenanigans just yet, though. This is bad, but not as bad as the Supernatural episode a couple of weeks ago where the Winchester boys land in an alternate dimension where they’re actors named Jensen and Jared and work on a TV show called Supernatural. In the Olympics of bad plot developments, that gets the gold. Olivia being possessed by an elderly man? A definite bronze. 

So, will Pacey be strong enough to cope with his girlfriend being the vessel for a dead octogenarian super genius? Or will he pack his bags and head to the alternate universe? (Goodbye, Pacey! We had a good run. U R 2-Kewl 2-B 4-Gotten!)

I apologize if I’m sounding age-ist here. I’m all for celebrating the wisdom and experience of an older man. Heck, I’ve had a crush on Sam Elliott for years. (Seriously, Sam, call me?) I’m just saying that on the list of things Olivia does NOT need right now, this is, like, number one. My only hope is that while possessed by William Bell, Olivia will finally have the balls to punch Walter in the face.


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